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Frequently Asked Questions for Cabinets

Q: How long does a cabinet refinishing/replacement take?
A: Probably the question we are asked the most, it all depends on the client and the materials. Depending on how informed they are of what they are looking for, the amount of time then shifts to availability of materials and work load. When we are offering you a free estimate on the work, we will give you as accurate of a completion date as we can. Unforeseen delays will always be brought to your attention as soon as possible.

Q: What type of materials do you offer?
A: We are proud to offer one of the widest selections of cabinet materials in the Bristol, Norfolk and Massachusetts Island metro area, featuring cabinets made out of wood, laminate and vinyl-clad. For a full selection of colors and styles, give us a call!

Q: How do I clean my cabinets?
A: Any sort of stains, such as food, water or chemicals, that get splashed or spilled onto your cabinets should be wiped off immediately to avoid damaging the material. Make sure to use a soft, soapy cloth that does not contain ammonia or any abrasive chemicals. After it is cleaned, you can also use a high quality polish, formulated for furniture - but be sure to avoid using wax or polish containing silicone, as wax can yellow a cabinet and silicone makes removing fingerprints nearly impossible.

Q: What is a mitered cabinet?
A: Cabinets that are mitered are essentially cabinets with a joint. Joints are typically made by cutting the frame on a cabinet door into an angle and then fitting the cut pieces together, creating a seamless look for corners and other areas where a flat surface will not work.

Q: Do you sell door and drawers, to replace ones that might be broken?
A: It may depend on the age and style of the piece in question, but we should be able to match or come very close to your original style. If we are able to match it, we would be able to sell it to you.
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